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Scrape bad breath away

Bad breath (halitosis in medicalese) can be caused by food residue between teeth, dental decay, gum disease, throat and sinus infections, and even stomach problems.But there is another cause one rarely hears about: the tongue.More

Every normal person uses tooth paste!

This is a statement I heard recently, and it is true that most Westerners do use factory-made tooth paste. US Americans statistically use 20 gallons (75kg!) of tooth paste in their lifetime (Mercola, 2015). Still, I thought,“By that

Ever heard of “eyebrow dandruff”?

I hadn’t either – until I noticed some peeling off from my left eye brow. I scraped it off and put on some ointment, but it kept coming back. I googled the phenomenon and found I wasn’t the only sufferer.The condition in medicalese is

Alternatives in tooth care

I suppose we have all seen the more or less long list of ingredients on our tooth paste tubes, and heard about the antibacterial agents, desensitizing agents, anti-tarter agents, sweetening agents, foaming agents, abrasives, preservatives,

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